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Team Tutti is an interactive music learning environment specially developed to engage and inspire KS2 Children.

Play, compose, and learn about music with our sketchpad, creative challenges, and more.

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Creative Composition

Creative composition and music technology is what we do at Team Tutti. Our team teaches more than 2500 children every week to create their own music.

From drum patterns to melodies, sound effects to writing music to film…and much more. We work hard to inspire children to feel the joy of creating and ‘playing’ music.

Digital Musicianship

The current situation has completely changed how we learn and interact with each other. We have worked over the past year to redesign and develop our brand new music learning platform inspired by our digital music lessons during the beginning of the pandemic.

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Constant Evolution

Music Syllabus

We continuously update our content to keep the course fresh and engaging for our community.

New videos, cool sound presets, interactive quizzes, creative challenges…we like to keep ourselves busy at Team Tutti’s HQ making sure the musical fun never stops.

Enjoy our brand new Sketchpad and use it to practice the content in our newly crafted video course.

Sketchpad Features

Our brand new Sketchpad features:

Coming Soon

Throughout this year we will release the following features

Team Tutti Sketchpad Drum Page

Engaging children with high quality online content

Learning and Teaching with Team Tutti

Interactive Music

Team Tutti is an interactive Learning experience using animated characters to deliver fun and engaging lesson content.

With both teacher-led and self-guided options, Team Tutti promotes a deep dive into music theory, composition, and technology. 

It’s truly flexible, giving you the choice of pre-made modules or choosing your own lesson subjects.


Team Tutti is built around our own unique musical Sketchpad. This bespoke audio sequencer enables students to quickly and easily create their own ideas and practise musical concepts using technology

Our scheme begins with an introduction to Team Tutti by Dr. M and his friends with a series of lessons explaining how to use the platform and its features. These include engaging tutorial videos, fun musical sketchpad tasks, and Kahoot quizzes to test students’ knowledge.

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