Launching September 2021

Launching September 2021

Launching September 2021

The groundbreaking creative music platform for KS2

Frequently Asked Questions


When will Team Tutti be available?

Team Tutti will be available to schools for the start of the Summer 2021 term. In the mean time, why not register and enjoy a free term of Team Tutti when we launch.

What age is Team Tutti aimed at?

Team Tutti has been developed for KS2 children aged 7-11. It provides a perfectly balanced set of interactive lesson plans for each year group, enabling you to deliver engaging classes that incorporate music theory, composition and technology.

Is Team Tutti a replacement for my music lessons?

No! Team Tutti helps form part of a rich and varied music curriculum. Whether it’s used for a one-off lesson or special term long project, we recommend that Team Tutti is used to bridge traditional music theory and technology.

Do I need to understand how to use a sequencer to deliver the lessons?

No! Team Tutti uses our very own musical sketchpad to deliver all the lessons. As the children progress through the course more features of the sketchpad unlock.

Each lesson comprises of an animated tutorial video followed by a sketchpad task to practise and experiment with before finishing with a recap quiz to ensure everyone is up to speed before the end of the lesson.

What equipment will I need to deliver Team Tutti lessons?

Team Tutti lessons can either be run as ‘self guided’ or ‘teacher led’ using desktop computers (PC or Mac) or tablets (iPads or Android).

    • ‘Teacher led’ is whereby a teacher controls the whole class by dictating the pace of the lesson. There are various tools to help this, such as allowing them to send children onto the next task, freeze a class, send the end of lesson recap etc.
    • ‘Self guided’ is whereby a teacher gives complete control to the children to navigate their way through the lesson allowing them to complete it at their own pace.

How much will Team Tutti cost?

Team Tutti is a low annual subscription platform that is designed to be affordable to both schools and students. Schools that register will receive a full term’s access at no cost to experience Team Tutti for themselves.

We will announce the cost towards the end of the year.

Is this just for schools or can individuals register too?

Our first-phase launch is aimed at schools and music teachers.

However, we do plan to expand the platform to also allow individuals to access it at home supporting teachers who want to set tasks for children to complete out of school.

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