Launching September 2021

Launching September 2021

Launching September 2021

The groundbreaking creative music platform for KS2

Teaching with Team Tutti


Team Tutti is an interactive learning experience using animated characters to deliver fun and engaging lesson content.

With both teacher-led and self-guided options, Team Tutti promotes a deep dive into music theory, composition and technology. It’s truly flexible, giving you the choice of pre-made modules or choosing your own lesson subjects. Teachers can control the pace of the class and the content they see, or allow the children to explore the lessons’ contents by themselves.

Team Tutti is built around our own unique musical sketchpad. This bespoke audio sequencer enables students to quickly and easily create their own ideas and practise musical concepts using technology.

Our scheme begins with an introduction to Team Tutti by Dr M and his friends with a series of lessons explaining how to use the platform and its features. These include engaging tutorial videos, fun musical sketchpad tasks, creative challenges and Kahoot quizzes to test students knowledge. 

Our platform is designed to meet your technical needs. Whether you use iPads, Android, Mac or PC, Team Tutti is built to work for you.

As the lessons progress, more features of the sketchpad become unlocked and the lesson content becomes more challenging. This allows the students to develop their understanding of music, composition and technology at the same time.

  • Musical concepts include… 

rhythm, tempo, texture, timbre, harmony, melody, pitch, notation, dynamics & structure

  • Focusing on…

instrumentation, musical genres, mood & emotion, music for media & moving image

  • To develop skills… 

musical vocabulary, listening & analysing, aural memory & composition

“We take care of the planning so you can concentrate on the teaching”